Frequently Asked Questions

Oven Radiance is a local independant firm dedicated to providing professional oven cleaning services to domestic customers.

As professional cleaners we can bring your oven back to a near showroom condition, using special non-toxic, non-caustic products. This level of finish would be very difficult to achieve with off the shelf products, which are often caustic based. The process includes the cleaning of all removable parts & panels to remove traces of grease and carbon deposits.  The accumulation of these greases and carbon deposits, when heated, often produces the smoke which sets off the smoke alarm or in extreme cases can even catch fire.

No. Our prices are fixed and relate to the type of oven and whatever other items you might want to be cleaned.

Straight away.  Our eco-friendly cleaning products leave no fumes or smells, meaning you can get cooking as soon as we are finished.

It depends upon how frequently you use your oven and what you cook in it.  From customer experience either 1 or 2 times a year is sufficient.

Oven Radiance can clean any oven type.  Many ovens have self cleaning liners or interiors which are designed to burn off any debris.
But, unless you go through the dedicated self-clean process as described by your oven manufacturer, then day to day use does not allow the oven to reach the high and prolonged temperatures needed for this process to occur properly.  In addition many liners still hide grease behind them which can only be dealt with by removal and cleaning of those parts.
Altough AGA ovens clean themselves, over a period of time grease and carbon deposits do build up on the outside and top of the oven, underside of the lids,  handles, flue cover, on the plates and of course the oven doors.   That is where we do our work.

Yes, we will clean it inside and out.  When the door style allows, we can also split the door to clean the difficult to reach inner panel.  All to give you the perfect view of what you are cooking.

The products we use are eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-caustic and fume free.  We value our own health just as much as yours, so feel it is important that there are no harmful chemicals used in the process.

This will vary depending upon the age, type, size and condition of the oven and what additional services you may require. The process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, but on arrival after assessing the work, a reasonable approximation of time should be available.

We accept cash or card payments.

Areas we cover:

Lancashire, Chorley, Whittle, Whittle-le-woods, Clayton Brook, Buckshaw Village, Leyland, , Preston, Bolton, Blackburn, Darwen, Bamber Bridge, Charnock Richard, Brindle, Wheelton, Walton, Euxton, Clayton-le-woods, Heapey, Brinscall, Farrington, Adlington, Walton-le-Dale

We would be happy to cover other areas, but mileage charges may apply in those instances which will be discussed at the time of booking.